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This is my curated and commented list of free and useful resources about web development, UX and other stuff that I like

By Boris Saavedra

How Notion made me and my team more efficient

One tool that changed my life is Notion. Notion can be used for almost anything and, the more I use, the more advantage I take from it and the more I discover its benefits.

4 Ways To Level Up Your Python Code

One of the nice things about Python is that it’s easy to get stuff working. Another nice thing is that there are a number of hidden treasures in Python to make your code cleaner, easier to read, and easier to write. In this article, you’ll learn four easy ways to level up your Python and separate yourself from beginner to novice!

27 Best Chrome Extensions For Developers In 2020

Since a majority of the population utilizes the Chrome web browser, developers and designers must ensure that their web apps work well with it. In fact, a lot of web developers use it as their main browser for development.


A web app to find Twitter trends, users tweeting about a specifict trend and check if is a bot.

Bring colours to your projects

Color Hunt is a free and open platform for color inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes

The Flask Mega-Tutorial

The best Flask tutorial ever. Little bit outdated, but a great way to get started in web development in Python

Codewars: a software engineer interview prep tool

Codewars is a community-created online platform to practice code challenges. They refer to these as “kata” (a term that usually denotes “a system of individual training exercises for practitioners of karate and other martial arts”). Users write kata to teach various techniques. Community members solve kata with solutions that enlighten others, and comment with constructive feedback. The leaders moderate the content and community.

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